Mitochondria and health

Mitochondria live inside your cells and regulate energy, metabolism, and cellular signaling to drive your body’s physiology, endurance, and resilience. The function, dynamics, and efficiency of mitochondria correlate with either health and well-being or poor health and sickness.

Normal aging, diet, exercise, exposure to stressors, and other variables have been proven to impact mitochondrial function (energetics) and dynamics (shape and size).¹⁻³ The maintenance of
mitochondrial function and dynamics are essential to health. Individuals who have a disease, are sick, or are in poor health will have poorly functioning mitochondria and compromised dynamics. Individuals who eat properly, have good sleep hygiene, train, or exercise demonstrate improved mitochondrial function and dynamics.

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A healthier you begins with me

The mescreen™ is a mitochondrial efficiency screen that provides an energetic profile of your cells and ultimately of you. Establishing a baseline mescreen™ score and tracking it over time provides you with a tool to assess your mitochondrial function. mescreen™ is also part of an ongoing research project that will allow you to compare your mescreen™ score in the future against other populations that are sick, healthy, elite performance, and other to gauge where your cellular health and mitochondrial function are at.

  • Provides information on
    how efficiently your body is creating and storing energy and ability to recover.

  • Differentiates how you
    make energy (efficiently or inefficiently) and how this changes when mitochondria are forced to work maximally.

  • Determines free radicals generated when mitochondria are stressed and not functioning properly.

  • Reports how interconnected your mitochondria are as disruption of the mitochondrial network can cause mitochondrial dysfunction, which has been implicated in multiple disorders.

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mescreen™ is for research only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. You should not change medications, diet, exercise regimens or other related health activities without consulting your physician. mescreen™ has not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.